About Centre


Centre Asset Management, LLC is a fundamentally-driven specialist active asset manager and began operating in 2006. Centre Asset Management manages differentiated products in fund advisory and sub-advisory mandates in institutional and investor share classes, accessible in multiple jurisdictions and currencies.

Our aim at Centre Asset Management is to deliver strong, long-term performance results for investors through an exceptional focus on producing returns and managing risk and downside volatility in select investment strategies within truly active, high conviction, disciplined, and research intensive processes. We want investors to associate Centre Asset Management with focused, differentiated fund strategies that may not be available elsewhere and are tactical, pragmatic, and opportunistic.

Our approach to fundamental security selection is rooted in our differentiated Economic Value Added (EVA) based investment analysis which is the competitive edge that yields a more accurate picture of intrinsic value; what we call “Investment Research through a Different Prism”. Our experience within a disciplined economic profit framework focuses on the fundamentals of wealth creation/wealth destruction akin to the way a traditional, long-term focused corporate investor looking at all aspects of the business (operating condition, risk profile and valuation) would assess it. Many of the analytical foundations in our investment approach have been articulated in books and papers written or contributed to by Centre's founder, James Abate, some of which were adopted by the CFA Institute® candidate study programs. In the shorter-term, market excursions from reality of corporate managements' ability to create or destroy wealth during a company's profit cycle provide investable opportunities. Our approach intends to capture excess returns once the stock mispricing converges with the company's true intrinsic value over time.